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One-of-a-kind multi-herbal supplement contains a powerful combination of high-potency herbs and nutrients supplying vital nutrition for total body health. Combines the natural power of 22 Herbs with the added benefits of MSM and Potassium
This Unique Formula supports joint, muscle, tendon, blood sugar, blood pressure, heart, cholesterol, organ, nerve, cell, respiratory health and more.
Helps Relieve Body Aches, Severe Back, Neck and Knee Pain
Experience Restoration of Youthful Health with Rejuvenation Liquid Multi-Herbal Total Body Support Formula!
Exclusive Formula that combines the natural power of 22 beneficial Herbs. This unique combination of high-potency herbs are formulated to supply nutrition important for: Cellular Immunity, Cellular Mitosis, RNA, DNA, Blood Hemoglobin, Blood Sugar, Back, Spinal Nerves, Neck, Nervous System, Gums, Teeth, Skin, Blood Pressure, Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Joints, Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, Ovaries, Menstruation, Hormones, Glands and Digestion. All of the ingredients in this Natural Formula were chosen for their quality, significance and compatibility. What resulted is a one-of-a-kind multi-herbal supplement created to supply optimum nutrition for TOTAL BODY SUPPORT. Order the book, Rejuvenation – Youthful Health in a Bottle, for an in-depth look at the individual herbs in this formula, and their many nutritional benefits.
Available in 16oz liquid or 100 Capsules.

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