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What does it do?
Helps clear the urinary tract†
You want to get a restful, peaceful night sleep but you have to wake up in the middle of the night a few times to urinate. It would be one thing if you could quickly do your business and go right back to sleep. But compounding the problem is having a urination that stops and starts in fits because of a potentially painful problem….
And that problem is the calcified mineral deposits along the urinary tract.
Ask anybody who has had such a deposit and they'll tell you that passing one is one of the most, if not the most, painful experience of their life. The good news is there's a safe, gentle, all-natural herbal remedy for helping you urinate more smoothly.
Stonepass™ is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that may help clear the urinary tract. This herbal formula is suitable for deposits at less than 8 mm in size. In addition, it may be used to flush your kidney and urinary tract from time to time.
Signature formula clears damp heat†
Both western medicine and TCM recognize a symptom known as "strangury," which is characterized by painful and frequent urination in small volumes. You know if you have strangury when you have to strain forcefully to expel only a tiny amount of urine, despite the fact that it feels like you have to eliminate a gallon of fluid.
The all-natural herbal ingredients in Stonepass promotes urination. These herbs, which have been used for several centuries in TCM application, may help pass and shrink calcified deposits.
This TCM approach to treating strangury urination is different from western medicine, which includes ultrasound. Ultrasound therapy breaks up the stones into much smaller pieces.
By comparison, TCM addresses the problems of strangury by resolving two underlying conditions. They are damp-heat and long-term deficiency of kidney yin.
How does Stonepass work?
The herbs in Stonepass clear damp heat, promote urination, unblock urinary dribbling, and supports a clear urinary tract.
Jin Qian Cao (Gold Coin Grass, aka Asian Moneywort), the chief herb in Stonepass, is perhaps the most well known Chinese herb for promoting urination and supporting a clear urinary tract. It promotes urine acidification.
Ren Dong Teng (Honeysuckle) clears heat and toxins, while San Ye Mu Tong (Akebia), clears heat and promotes urination.
Shi Wei (Pyrrosia Leaf) unblocks the urinary tract. Qu Mai (Dianthus) drains damp and heat from the Bladder, as does Hua Shi (talcum), another natural diuretic in the formula.
Xu Chang Qing (Paniculate Swallow-Wort) dispels Wind-Dampness.
Dong Kui Zi (Musk Mallow Seeds) also promotes urination, as does Che Qian Zi (Asian Plantain Seeds). And finally, the last herb in the formula, Gan Cao (Licorice Root), harmonizes the action of other herbs.
Does research support Stonepass?
The chief herb in the formula, Jin Qian Cao, has demonstrated the ability to inhibit crystal growth and aggregation. In animal models, experimental groups demonstrated significantly lower calcium, creatinine and phosphorus levels compared to the control group.1
What is the formula composition?
A proprietary blend of
Lysimachia whole plant
(Lysimachia christinae)
(Jin Qian Cao)
Japanese honeysuckle vine
(Lonicera japonica)
(Ren Dong Teng)
Akebia vine
(Akebia trifoliata)
(San Ye Mu Tong)
Pyrrosia leaves
(Pyrrosia petiolosa)
(Shi Wei)
Fringed pink aerial part
(Dianthus superbus)
(Qu Mai)
Cynanchum root
(Cynanchum paniculatum)
(Xu Chang Qing)

(Hua Shi)
Whorled mallow seed
(Malva verticillata)
(Donɡ Kui Zi)
Asian plantain seed
(Plantago asiatica)
(Che Qian Zi)
Chinese licorice root
(Glycyrrhiza uralensis)
(Gan Cao)

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