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What does it do?
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the blood must nourish the Heart in order for the Shen (spirit) to remain calm. When there is insufficient blood (most often of the Heart and/or Liver), the Spirit may become distressed or restless, resulting in difficulty sleeping or emotional instability.
Te Xiao Zao Ren An Mian Wan nourishes blood to calm the mind, and relaxes the body. Te Xiao Zao Ren An Mian Wan is also helpful for promoting a more positive mood and outlook.†
Te Xiao Zao Ren An Mian Pian contains medicinal herbs that calm the Shen (spirit) and nourish Yin and blood. Many of these herbs have marked sedative effects, but are not tranquilizing. This is a very calming formula used most frequently for supporting a restful sleep.
Gou Teng (Uncaria hook) extinguishes Liver wind, relieves spasms, has a suppressive effect on the central nervous system and calms the spirit. Yuan Zhi (Polygala root) calms the Heart and spirit but also strengthens Heart Qi, disperses stagnation from the Heart and clears the orifices. Hu Po Fen (Amber) calms the spirit.
Suan Zao Ren (Sour Jujube seed) is one of the most commonly used herbs for promoting a good sleep. Suan Zao Ren nourishes the Heart and calms the spirit and also stops sweating when combined with Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra seed). Wu Wei Zi calms the heart and spirit and resolves anxiousness and dream-disturbed sleeplessness (which are signs of Yin and blood failing to nourish the heart). Bai Zi Ren (Platycladus seed) nourishes heart and calms the spirit to promote a good sleep in cases of Heart blood deficiency. Shou Wu Teng (Polygonum vine), also known as Ye Jiao Teng, nourishes the Heart and calms the spirit due to general blood deficiency while also clearing the meridian pathways. Shou Wu Teng is often used together with Suan Zao Ren and Bai Zi Ren.
Dan Shen (Salvia root) regulates blood circulation, calms the spirit and dispels heat from the Heart. Studies have shown Dan Shen to have a marked sedative effect.1
Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena) clears heat, nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin and moistens dryness.
What is the formula composition?
A proprietary blend of
Jujube seed
(Ziziphus jujuba)
(Suan Zao Ren)
Polygala root
(Polygala tenuifolia)
(Yuan Zhi)
Fo-Ti vine
(Polygonum multiflorum)
(Shou Wu Teng)
Chinese salvia root
(Salvia miltiorrhiza)
(Dan Shen)
Schisandra fruit
(Schisandra chinensis)
(Wu Wei Zi)
Anemarrhena rhizome
(Anemarrhena asphodeloides)
(Zhi Mu)
Oriental arborvitae seed
(Platycladus orientalis)
(Bai Zi Ren)

(Hu Po Fen)
Uncaria rhynchophylla vine
(Uncaria rhynchophylla)
(Gou Teng)

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