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What does it do?
Hawthopower™ is an all natural Chinese herbal formula with Hawthorn berry as a main ingredient. Hawthorn (Crataegus) fruits are consumed all over the world in various forms. Hawthorn is also a well known herb in both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western herbalism. In TCM, Hawthorn berries help improve digestion to remove food retention in the stomach, and promote blood circulation to disperse blood stasis. In the West, herbalists primarily use Hawthorn berries along with the Hawthorn leaf and flower to support heart health.
The action of Hawthorn berry is enhanced by inclusion of several other Chinese herbs such as Dan Shen (Salvia root) and Shou Wu (Polygoni Multiflori root) in the Hawthopower™ formula as outlined below. The formulation is based on the principle of TCM. Hawthopower may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and manage body weight for those whose overweight is caused by excessive fat accumulation.†
• Dan Shen (Salvia root) is perhaps the best known and the most commonly used Chinese herb for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.†
• Shou Wu (Polygoni Multiflori root) is a famous Chinese herb that tonifies the liver and kidneys and grow hair.
• Ban Xia (Processed Pinellia rhizome) is a key Chinese herb that transforms phlegm and stops vomiting. In TCM, excessive fat belongs to phlegm.
• Da Huang (Rhubarb root) drains fire and removes toxins. The Chinese herb moistens intestines to support bowel movement.
• Mu Li (Oyster shell) nourishes the Yin energy and calms the liver.
Does research support Hawthopower?
Extracts made from Hawthorn berries have been shown in many studies to support normal lipid metabolism, healthy cholesterol levels and heart function.1-6
Extensive biomedical studies on Danshen suggest that it improves microcirculation, dilates coronary arteries, and protects heart.7,8
A He Shou Wu extract was shown to help support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels in mice.9†
Da Huang is reported to support healthy levels of cholesterol and triglyceride fed with high cholesterol diets.10†
What is the formula composition?
A proprietary blend of
Chinese hawthorn fruit
(Crataegus pillnatijida)
(Shan Zha)
Chinese salvia root
(Salvia miltiorrhiza)
(Dan Shen)
Fo-Ti root cured
(Polygonum multiflorum)
(He Shou Wu)
Chinese rhubarb root and rhizome prepared
(Rheum officinale)
(Zhi Da Huang)
Pinellia rhizome cured
(Pinellia ternata)
(Zhi Ban Xia)
Oyster shell

(Mu Li)
Semiaquilegia root
(Semiaquilegia adoxoides)
(Tian Kui Zi)
Chinese arisaema rhizome prepared
(Arisaema erubescens)
(Zhi Nan Xing)

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