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What does it do?
In TCM, many of the signs associated with poor circulation are described as "blood stagnation". Such symptoms include poor circulation to the hands and feet, blue color of the nails, lips, or limbs, and, in relatively severe cases, occasional tight chest. Huo Xue Tong Mai Pian is a general formula used to enhance the circulation of blood with its unique combination of ingredients.†
Huo Xue Tong Mai Pian combines several famous blood-moving Chinese herbs together based on classical pairings established over centuries. San Leng (Sparganium rhizome) and E Zhu (Zedoria rhizome) combine together to achieve a potent blood-moving effect, and these two herbs are considered to be an indispensable pair for conditions of blood stasis.
San Qi (Notoginseng root) and Dan Shen (Salvia root) are each famous for supporting cardiovascular health. San Qi is considered essential for improving circulation in the coronary arteries. Dan Shen helps to improve microcirculation and has broad-ranging benefits for the heart and circulatory system. Both Chinese herbs are gentle and safe yet profoundly effective, and they combine together to form a key aspect of this formula's blood-regulating function.
Modern research shows that constituents found in salvia are beneficial to the heart, the brain, and the liver.1, 2 Notoginseng has also been shown in numerous studies to support arterial health.3-5
Tao Ren (Peach kernel) and Hong Hua (Safflower) are herbs that have been used together for over a thousand years. Tao Ren, the inner kernel of a peach pit, is one of the oldest herbs known to Chinese medicine, and it has been a quintessential herb for the treatment of blood stagnation throughout history. Hong Hua, which consists of beautiful red safflower petals, is its traditional herbal companion, and the two herbs are a key component in a wide range of formulas used for invigorating blood circulation.
Xuan Shen (Scrophularia root) and Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica) nourish the body' blood and fluids while contributing unique actions to the formula. Xuan Shen is cooling and balances the formula' warm nature according to Chinese medical principles, and its moist nature balances the naturally acrid, dispersing action of the main blood-moving herbs within the formula that directly improve circulation. Dang Gui simultaneously nourishes the blood and moves the blood and regulate menstruation.
Finally, Yu Jin (Curcuma root), Ze Lan (Lycopus), and Yan Hu Suo (Corydalis root) round out the formula by expanding its ability to move the blood. Yu Jin and Ze Lan are known for their ability to alleviate chest and rib-side tightness. Yan Hu Suo is famous in Chinese medicine for unblocking Qi and Blood stasis.
What is the formula composition?
A proprietary blend of
Sparganium rhizome
(Sparganium stoloniferum)
(San Leng)
Zedoary rhizome
(Curcuma zedoaria)
(E Zhu)
Tienchi ginseng root
(Panax notoginseng)
(San Qi)
Chinese salvia root
(Salvia miltiorrhiza)
(Dan Shen)
Peach seed
(Prunus persica)
(Tao Ren)
Safflower flower
(Carthamus tinctorius)
(Hong Hua)
Scrophularia root
(Scrophularia ningpoensis)
(Xuan Shen)
Shiny bugleweed aerial part
(Lycopus lucidus)
(Ze Lan)
Turmeric root
(Curcuma longa)
(Yu Jin)
Dong quai root
(Angelica sinensis)
(Dang Gui)
Corydalis yanhusuo rhizome
(Corydalis yanhusuo)
(Yan Hu Suo)

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