Formula BAC Capsules

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Amazing All Natural Ancient Chinese Formula for Total Cardiovascular Health!
Supplies Nutrition Important for proper circulation, cholesterol, blood viscosity,
blood tone, healthy veins, energy, a healthy cardiovascular system and arteries.
Helps maintain reduced plaque in the arteries, normal arterial walls and a strong heart.
BAC stands for Blood – Arteries – Circulation. The major herbs composing this tincture have been used in China for thousands of years to support the body with blood-related disorders without side-effects. This formula is used to support proper circulation, maintain good cardiovascular and liver health, support healthy cholesterol levels, maintain reduced plaque in the arteries, and support healthy veins. This tincture acts as a tonic for both the liver and the heart, strengthening the heart without affecting the heart rate. For even further information on BAC, purchase the book, Cardiovascular Health in a Bottle.
Available in 90 Capsules.
All of the herbs that go into our formulas pass strict quality control testing at one or more GMP certified facilities. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) help ensure the quality and safety of products, traceability of ingredients, and transparency of the manufacturing process. GMP certification means that the site and methods employed in production have been subject to a thorough quality control investigation by a government agency or qualified third party organization and are certified to be in compliance. Extensive quality control analysis is performed at each of the GMP certified facilities of our manufacturing partners to confirm identification and ensure safety, purity and potency. In accordance with Dietary Supplement GMPs, each lot received into our Chinese herb supplier’s warehouse is first quarantined. Then each product is sampled, the Certificate of Analysis verified, and the sample is compared with past lots for consistency. Herbs are inspected using sensory protocols, and confirmed against standard references if necessary to verify quality and species. Herbs are sourced from their indigenous regions, ensuring geo-authenticity and quality, and usually come direct from the growers and harvesting co–ops to our supplier. Upon receipt, each herb is inspected to ensure correct species identification, proper maturity, and quality.

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