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What does it do?
Extinguishes your body's fire that's caused by Yin deficiency†
You can't take the heat anymore, so you blast the air conditioner and fan. But that barely helps. Sweat still manages to trickle its way down your face. Your body feels like it's about to spontaneously combust.
Hot flashes are back with a vengeance. And they're not making your spouse happy either. Your shivering partner has resorted to sleeping on the living room sofa.
If you can relate you are certainly not alone. About 75% of women experience hot flashes. And although they usually last two years or less, hot flashes can come and go for several years. But even two years of hot flashes seems like an eternity, doesn't it?
And men aren't immune to feeling overheated either. In fact, both men and women are equally prone to manifestations of "pathogenic fire."
Tell-tale signs of pathogenic fire include: night sweats; red tongue with little coating and a rapid, forceful pulse; intermittent low-grade fevers; excessively sweaty palms; knee soreness and male nocturnal emission.
So what causes pathogenic fire? According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory, Yin deficiency is the root cause of it. If you have pathogenic fire you don't have enough Yin to balance out Yang energy.
If you could use a boost of Yin energy to help extinguish your body's fire, our classic formula YinGreat™ may help.
Time-Tested, Potent Herbal Remedy Nourishes Your Yin
YinGreat is based on the classic formula, Da Bu Yin Wan, which literally means, "Great Yin Nourishment Pills." This proven herbal remedy was first introduced by one of the original masters of TCM, Zhu Dan-Xi, the founder of the Yin Nourishing School, which flourished in the 14th century (a.c.e.).
About 700 years later, Da Bu Yin is still one of the most widely prescribed Yin tonics in Chinese medicine. YinGreat is essentially the same formula as Da Bu Yin. We even stick to the original formula of centuries ago by adding porcine spine marrow. (see formula composition below).
So how can YinGreat extinguish your excess fire? Just like an air conditioner helps cool you down in scorching weather, YinGreat overcomes your body's fire because it's a potent Yin tonic.
How does YinGreat work?
YinGreat works by helping restore and maintain homeostatic functionality between Yin and Yang. Let's take a look at the individual ingredients in the formula and their actions according to TCM theory….
Shu Di Huang (Prepared Rehmannia Root) tonifies both Yin energy and the Blood, as well as life essence (Jing) by supplementing bone marrow.
Gui Jia (Freshwater Turtle Shell) is a potent Yin tonic. It subdues Yang energy, tonifies the Kidneys and not only nourishes Yin but also the Blood and tonifies the heart.
Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena Rhizome) clears heat and drains fire as well as generates fluids and moistens dryness.
Huang Bo (Amur Cork Tree Bark) is also used to clear heat. It also dries dampness, purges fire. It, along with Zhi Mu are bitter and cooling in nature.
Zhu Ji Shui's (Porcine Spine Marrow) moist property can balance the bitter and drying property of zhi mu and huang bo. It also further enhances the Yin nourishing functions by tonifying the marrow.
Please note that this formula is neither vegan nor vegetarian.
Does research support the use of YinGreat?
Da Bu Yin Wan was shown in a study to protect dopamine neurons from loss in a dopamine-deficient mouse model.†1
What is the formula composition?
A proprietary blend of
Radix Rehmanniae Preparata
Carapax et Plastrum Testudinis
Rhizoma Anemarrhenae Asphodeloidis
Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis
Suis Spinae Medulla
(Shu Di Huang)
(Gui Jia)
(Zhi Mu)
(Huang Bo)
(Zhu Ji Shui)

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